Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hello, My name is Melinda and I am the president of Cathy's Angels. I wanted to start this organization because of what I have experienced with my mom. My Mom was diagnosed about 8 years ago with ALS. No one in my family had any idea what it was going to entail and I think we still learn things all the time. I noticed that there is a lack of help available for family of people diagnosed with ALS. Something I think most people do not realize is that a some point they will probably need some home care help. Well, that is something that is hard to find. I hope through this non profit we can not only provide people with resources on where to turn for information, but also monetary help and some basic medical equipment. The stress of having someone you care about being diagnosed is enough. No one should have to worry about where they can find help or money to take care of that person. I hope that I am able to provide these things for others so that they might be better prepared then my family was! I hope this gives you a little insight into what I want the organization to be and a little bit into who I am. I also hope you will continue to check out my blog and website and support us as we all make this journey together.
Thank you for following this blog and I hope you can find some useful information and some resources that may help you or someone you know.


Dan Felstead March 24, 2009 at 11:19 PM  

I found out about your blog from Karrie. I wish you the best with your project and I think we are all going to learn more about this disease together. I must admit, I am somewhat in the dark with it. I am looking forward to future posts from you guys when you get the site up and fully functional. I will link to your blog from my blog. Not that just because I am linking you will have thousands of visitors! But the more links, the better for your site and the more links will put you higher on Google searches as well. I will check back with you before I put the link case you are not ready as yet....just let me know.

Dan Felstead

Jen March 27, 2009 at 11:44 AM  

What a wonderful daughter you are to do this in honor of your mother! I love seeing people help people! You have a big heart, as does Karrie! Good luck to you all!!!

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