Friday, June 12, 2009


So, I am in a rut again. I get motivated for a day and then a week goes by and I have not done nearly enough. I did set up my PO Box and I did post an opportunity on United Way (Middlesex County, CT --check it out if you are interested!!!) I am hoping to get together with the director of the CT Chapter of the ALS Association for any input she has. I did get an email back from a guy in CA who funded his own organization. He said to call him and of course I have not. I need more people to push me. I think I need to not work full time and try to start this up. It is also hard because I really feel like I am doing it all by myself. I have to fill out a state form still, and the IRS paperwork. If anyone has ever done that, please HELP ME!!!!! Anyway, like I said, this part is the hard part and I am frustrated and alone in it. And I am doing a million other things on top of that. I have got to get my bathroom done!!!!! That has been taking priority this week. So anyway, for those of you who have some non profit experience, hit me up with some advice. For those of you who want to start one, make sure you have lots and lots of help! Hopefully I will get a little more done this weekend.


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